Lavender Earl Grey tea

26 Dec

It seems like ages ago now, but .. well.. ages ago, Connie and I checked out Market Collective at the Mewata Armories.  Of course, we had to check out Gluten-Free Foodgasm who had a booth there (and have a delicious mini-cupcake) and a number of great artisans selling everything from paintings and  jewelry to plants and clothing, but we also were drawn to the Leaf Ninjas and a booth selling loose leaf teas.

The vendor was Tian Teas, and you can find them on Facebook.  They also have a website – however the link was broken when I tried to visit.  Additionally their Facebook page was really out of date and not used a lot – the most recent post when I visited was in November 2012 – nearly a year out of date when I visited.  The Facebook page doesn’t currently (at the time of writing) list any of their tea varieties, prices, or where to get them either…

Organic Elixirs Lavender Earl Grey tea

Organic Elixirs Lavender Earl Grey tea

Now, if you’ve read my posts about trying new places, you know that sometimes I approach them with a bit of caution. There are a lot of places with great look/scent/customer service… but the product itself is lousy – or at least the least notable of what they have to offer a tea-lover.

With that in mind, I gave a sniff to two different teas – one being the Organics Elixirs Lavender Earl Grey. I ended up picking up a small tin, and when I finally got it home – wasn’t disappointed – but also wasn’t especially impressed.

Organic Elixirs Lavender Earl Grey tea

Organic Elixirs Lavender Earl Grey tea

True to the name, the tea has the dry scent of both lavender and a black tea-based Earl Grey. Steeped up, the tea retains a similar flavour – the soft, gentle lightly floral taste of lavender, with a black tea base – but the bergamot oil flavour that I normally associate with Earl Grey tea is missing.  It’s an enjoyable morning or after-dinner tea, so keep an eye out for it if you see Tian Teas at an upcoming Market Collective or community fair.

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