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18 Dec
Alesund in Norway

Alesund in Norway

A while back, when I was entering the Capture the Colour contest – I realized that I had never blogged about food on my Norwegian Cruise!

I took the cruise in 2012 through Royal Caribbean, which is a great cruise line that I’ve travelled with once before.  The trip involved flying from Calgary to London, UK, then flying to Amsterdam, The Netherlands from there.  I spent one night in a hotel near the cruise port, before getting on the boat which headed to Norway.

A lot of people think that cruises are really expensive – but there are a few ways to watch your travel wallet and cruise away. First off, they can be a good deal if you want to see a bunch of different places in a ‘shallow’ way – you only have a day in each port generally which means you have to pick one really great thing to see/do rather than really immerse yourself in an area – but this can be good too because you can see a lot in a short period of time, and you can always go back somewhere you really loved on another trip.

High up in Geiranger, Norway

High up in Geiranger, Norway

They can also be cost-effective because essentially everything can be included. Of course you can order alcoholic drinks or pop (at an extra cost) but coffee, tea, and a few other beverages are included. You can go to the specialty restaurants on board (which cost extra) but you can also enjoy the buffet, the dining room, and (on the ships we’ve enjoyed) a fast-food diner which is included in the price of cruising. There are also on-ship activities that can eat away at your travel wallet like casinos or specialty activities, but most of the best ones are included like pools, hot tubs, live entertainment, workshops, lectures, movies, and more. The off-ship excursions can also add up in cost, but just wandering around the different port towns can be wonderful, and a great way to see the area you’re exploring while keeping the costs low.

But… back to the food

The formal dining room had a rotating menu with different selections each evening. They’d post the menu outside the doors so we could see if we were interested in the meals offered. If so, we’d go up to our room and change into ‘nicer’ clothing (not necessarily formal wear, just nicer than jeans and a hoodie!) and have dinner in the dining room at our appointed time.

However, most of the time we’d stick with the buffet for most of our meals – it just was more simple, and we weren’t committed to a particular time. A number of the dishes from the dining room were also repeated in the buffet as well, so we didn’t have to miss out on a great dessert for instance.

Along with a selection of hot and cold dishes, fruits, salads, desserts, and even a pizza bar, the buffet also had sushi…

Sushi on the Royal Caribbean

Sushi on the Royal Caribbean

Honestly, the sushi wasn’t great.  It was a buffet of course, which meant it was made in bulk, and fast, and was sitting out for a period of time waiting to be selected.  I had it one night, and then had a few pieces on other nights, but I wouldn’t make it a meal again. There are so many other things to choose from at the buffet on a Royal Caribbean cruise, that there’s no need to fill up on mediocre sushi!

Sushi on the Royal Caribbean

Sushi on the Royal Caribbean

More of Norway

I thought I’d share some of my photos from Norway with you as well, just to round-out this post!

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