Sushi Motto

16 Dec
Chopped scallop roll from Sushi Motto

Chopped scallop roll from Sushi Motto

Sushi Motto is a friend’s favourite sushi place, and I stopped in with a friend a week ago.

Located just off 17th Avenue on 14th Street SW, Sushi Motto is close to a few other sushi places. In fact, the first time I visited was after walking out of another sushi place but still craving sushi. When I mentioned it, a friend said that Sushi Motto was one of her favourite places, so when I returned again, I had high expectations!

Gyoza from Sushi Motto

Gyoza from Sushi Motto

We started off with an order of gyoza (dumplings). These were a bit disappointing – they were fried, although not as crispy as the usual fried gyoza that I really don’t like. However, the filling really could have used more flavour – but I did get the feeling that they were made in-house, since they didn’t have the same flavour as a lot of the other gyoza that places serve. (Which I suspect probably is made out of house and cooked from frozen.)

After the gyoza, my companion had a mixed plate of salmon and tuna sashimi, while I went for just the tuna sashimi myself. I’ve had some really bad salmon sashimi lately and it has kind of turned me off salmon for a while. My companion said it was really good though, but I was happy with my tuna for sure!

Tuna sashimi from Sushi Motto

Tuna sashimi from Sushi Motto

After the sashimi, my companion had the Tiger Eye roll, which is a deep fried roll with panko breading.  It’s filled with tuna, smoked salmon, green onion, and crab meat and topped with tobiko.  I had one piece and wasn’t really fond of it. The tempura outside was ok – it wasn’t too thick, but the roll itself was too big to eat in one piece.  I liked the crab and the salmon, but I really didn’t like the sauce that was all over the roll. It was kind of annoying that the flavour of the roll was so heavily influenced by the sauce, and the sauce wasn’t mentioned in the menu.

Tiger Eye roll  from Sushi Motto

Tiger Eye roll from Sushi Motto

While my companion enjoyed the Tiger Eye roll, I had a chopped scallop roll.  Normally I don’t like it when cucumber is included in the roll (and less so when the menu doesn’t mention the cucumber) because I find the flavour of the cucumber (as mild as it is) tends to take over the very delicate flavour of the scallops.  This time however it was really good, so although looking at the roll at first had me hesitate – I was actually really happy with the roll!

Chopped scallop roll from Sushi Motto

Chopped scallop roll from Sushi Motto

One nice addition at Sushi Motto – they offer free WiFi while you dine! Of course, this meant out came my iPhone – with which I took all of these photos!
Sushi Motto
1604 – 14 Street SW
Calgary, AB
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I also took some photos of the menu, see below:

Sushi Motto menu

Sushi Motto menu


Sushi Motto menu

Sushi Motto menu

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