David’s Tea Honeydew Maté tea

10 Dec

I received Honeydew Maté as a sample, which I love because it’s a low-commitment way to try new teas – though at the same time with David’s Teas it’s a bit frustrating too – only because if I really loved this tea, I’d be out of luck, as it’s no longer in stock. I love that they bring in new flavours every season, though I don’t love how they retire teas… couldn’t they keep them on their website even if not in store?

Ah well…

This tea is a green rooibos, with green yerba  mate, white hibiscus blossoms, melon pieces (which include sugar, green melon and starch) along with ‘natural flavouring’. The tea is super fine, so of course it just flowed on through my Tuffy Strainer, but at least all of those little pieces sank to the bottom of my cup!

Honeydew Mate Tea from David's Tea

Honeydew Mate Tea from David’s Tea

Dry, the tea smells pretty gross. It smells a lot like that artificial watermelon flavoring used in bubblegum. Ew. When steeping up though, more of the smokey scents come up from the rooibos, and when it’s ready to drink, it’s kind of mix of the two -artificially sweet flavour and smokey rooibos. The sweet isn’t too bad though, it’s tolerable… but not fantastic.

Now.. the maté. Maté is known as a stimulant – an alternative to caffeine. I had mine on a Monday morning when I really could have used a pick-me-up… and this tea sort of fell flat. I didn’t get the “buzz” that I did with Chocolate Rocket, or really any ‘stimulation’ above any other cup of tea.

All in all, it’s a general “eh” for flavour and effect.  It’s not a terrible tea, but it’s not a great one either. I won’t miss it now that it’s retired… nor will I look for it or recommend it if they bring it back.

Since this one is no longer in stock (maybe it will come back at some point?) you can check out all of the maté teas that David’s Teas offers.

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