Happy Sushi + (Google Plus)

04 Dec

So, on the advice of someone, I set up Happy Sushi Belly with a Google + account.  Now the only problem is… I just don’t really USE G+.  It’s not intuitive, and no one else I know seems to use it, so what’s the point? (In an ironic twist, I went to Facebook to get advice on how to post to Google +, because so few people I know personally are on G+..)

I was reading an article on Tea for me Please about using G+ as a tea lover, and it sounds like a great idea, but I just don’t GET it.  I don’t understand how to connect it with circles, and I don’t see there being any functionality to easily share WordPress posts with Google+.  I understand that Google owns WordPress’ competitor; Blogger… but still.. common Google, why you gotta be so difficult?

Even when I try to post, it won’t give me a cursor so I can start.  Oh, so frustrating…

I’ll get it figured out eventually I’m sure, but in the meantime, can anyone give me some tips?

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