Tea gifting at the Mad Hatter’s Holiday Party

29 Nov
Party Crackers from David's Tea

Party Crackers from David’s Tea

I’m super-excited, because this year my employer’s Social Committee has decided to have a “Mad Hatter” themed holiday party – and part of that means that we’ll be giving away delicious tea as take-away gifts (along with a few other things to choose from)!

(Ok.. a bit of a disclaimer, I’m actually the chair of the Social Committee, but the team totally chose the idea – I didn’t have anything to do with it, though  I’m super-excited that it was chosen!)

So, as possibly the resident most enthusiastic tea lover (or at least the tea lover on this committee!) I was tasked to find the take-away tea gifts for our guests. The challenges include:

  • Not everyone might like tea (not a problem, we’ll have other gifts as well they can select instead)
  • We don’t know in advance how many people will attend (which means we’ll have to guess, and then use any leftovers in our staff kitchens – also not a problem as far as I’m concerned!)
  • Not everyone might be a loose-leaf tea lover (which means ideally I want to include a filter/strainer/infuser as well)
  • Budget.. (when isn’t that a consideration!?)

Bulk ordering from the Banff Tea Company

Beautiful blooming tea in the Banff Tea Co. shop

Beautiful blooming tea in the Banff Tea Co. shop

So.. I started off by contacting my most-favourite tea shop in Alberta – the Banff Tea Company (which I know I’ve mentioned a few dozen times before in Happy Sushi Belly, just click the Banff Tea Co. tag to see all of my previous posts). They mention on their “Enjoy a cup” page that they offer bulk pricing for weddings, functions, and events, and this is right up my alley!

I found a lot of great ideas, but was most interested in picking out a small tin of tea along with an inexpensive ball strainer – or if needed picking up a few packages of their paper filters.

How about David’s Tea?

Chocolate Orange tea from David's tea

Chocolate Orange tea from David’s tea

I also checked out the Special Orders page on the David’s Tea website where they suggest tea for corporate gifting, party favours (that’s me!) and tea for the office (I wish!). I sent a quick email, and within about an hour Morgan from David’s Tea had sent me a few links and a PDF catalog to get me started.

There were lots of ideas there too – and similarly I picked out a small tin and inexpensive strainer as my top choice.  I also liked their party crackers though – which would be a good option if the budget was even smaller.

… and the committee picked

The tea in the Party Crackers from David's Tea

The tea in the Party Crackers from David’s Tea

When I shared the price points of my top choices with the committee, they were nervous about the price point in order to accommodate approximately 100 people (now that the party is really close, we’re actually looking at closer to 150 people!) so we decided to go with David’s Tea’s party crackers.
These have a little tea-related joke, a 4.5g / 0.2 oz package of loose leaf tea (6 different flavours) a paper filter, and a tissue paper crown inside. They’re $16.50 for a package of 6 crackers.

A big box of tea from David's Tea (Instagram-style photo from my iPhone)

A big box of tea from David’s Tea (Instagram-style photo from my iPhone)

What a great party idea!

For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I LOVE themed parties and costume parties, and I’m pretty excited about coming up with a costume/something to wear for this party too.  I don’t know for sure what I’ll be doing yet, but if I do something new, I’ll post it on the other blog I write for – Dawn’s Dress Diary... come check it out!

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