Treats: Earl Grey Ice Cream

28 Nov

If you follow my personal account (@SadinaDawn) on Twitter, you might have already had a sneak peek of the Earl Grey Ice Cream from Village Ice Cream that I had the chance to try in September.

Earl Grey ice cream from Village Ice Cream

Earl Grey ice cream from Village Ice Cream

I had originally seen just a tweet from someone I follow on Twitter (@gostlund) mentioning Earl Grey ice cream, and since I was in the neighbourhood (attending the Creative Stitches show) I’d drop on by and grab a scoop… The other featured flavour at the time was Country Pumpkin, so I had a scoop of that two.  The Country Pumpkin was fantastic – a mellow “pumpkin pie filling” flavour with pumpkin and spices – but not  so intense of a flavour that I got tired of it.

The Earl Grey on the other hand was amazing – I highly recommend it the next time they have it in the freezer! It has the bergamot flavour that really makes Earl Grey tea stand out, and a bit of the smoky black tea flavour too.    It’s also super-creamy, which makes it feel really decadent 🙂 After having a scoop, I really wanted to bring back home a pint! (And, if I hadn’t been bussing home, I might have!)

Village Ice Cream
431 10 Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2G 0W3
(403) 261-7950

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