A menu-tasting adventure

24 Nov

A while ago I was invited to be part of a ‘soft opening’ for Wycked Deli, a fast-food kiosk. A soft opening is the opening of a new shop or service, without all of the fanfare of a grand opening – the doors open, service is offered, but there’s no hype.  It means less attention, and less awareness, but it also means that expectations aren’t nearly as high, and those working there won’t face the big rush of customers.

For this soft opening, the kiosk owners offered the opportunity to try a bite to eat, in exchange for filling out a survey about the food and the service provided.

I have a personal connection with someone at the company, and I wasn’t asked to blog about Wycked Deli, so I won’t be speaking about the food or the service here to avoid any biased opinions. Instead I’m just sharing with you a photo of my meal – a grilled cheese sandwich with spinach, tomato, and Havarti cheese on multi-grain bread.

Wycked Deli
4825 Mt Royal Gate
Calgary, AB T3E6X4

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