Vasili’s Greek Calgary food truck

22 Nov
Delicious chicken pita from Vasili's Greek food truck

Delicious chicken pita from Vasili’s Greek food truck

Now.. this is the way Feta Cheese should taste… oh, so good!

Vasili’s – Calgary food truck offering tasty Greek food

In late October I shared with you an interesting soul-food food truck in Calgary called Waffles & Chix.  Well, the food trucks have started coming close to where I work, so now I get to experience even more! (Without having to work downtown! Even better!)

The next one I tried out was Vasili’s, a Greek (on the go) food food truck offering up pita wraps and other similar items, using locally-sourced ingredients. Their menu was considerably smaller than the previous waffle and chicken food truck, with only a few items. Which, oddly enough, differed from the menu posted on their website.

I picked out the “Big Bird” for $10.50 – with marinated chicken breast (really well done, with lots of flavour and a great texture), creamy, smooth, and just a little bit tangy Macedonian feta cheese, a touch of tzatziki sauce (lovely flavour, but not overwhelming), arugula and tomatoes, served in a soft-grilled pita.  (I skipped the onions of course…)

The blend of all of the flavours and textures in this wrap was perfect – not too much tzatziki (no matter how much I adore that sauce…) and an amazing creamy, flavourful feta cheese.  I think I would use this stuff like icing on cakes if I could… it’s that delicious.  Ok.. no one else might like to EAT my cake – but I don’t see a problem with that either. MORE CAKE FOR ME!

When I first got my wrap, I was a little disappointed. My regular lunchtime order (so regular that the counter staff can usually start preparing it while I’m still waiting in line to place my order…) is a wrap sandwich with two portions of salad, for just over $8. I realized that I’d be getting a lot less food for a slightly higher price,  but it’s worth it for certain! It wouldn’t be my every-day go-to lunch option, but it definitely is a great change…. and did I mention the delicious cheese? Oh… yes I did. 😉  The pita bread is good, the chicken has great flavour, and the vegies are good too. Overall it’s just a good, high-quality wrap.. despite what it might look like outside of it’s paper wrapper. Luckily I had also brought some carrot sticks to snack on throughout the day.

The majority of Vasili’s vegetables come from Gull Valley Greenhouses, located in central Alberta. (They also sell at the Calgary Farmer’s Market if you’re interested) and is naturally grown.  Their beef also comes from a Calgary Farmer’s Market vendor, and the pork is from Sunterra Market (Calgary’s alternative to Whole Foods) – though they don’t list on their website where the chicken comes from.

Check out where they are “now” by visiting them on Facebook: (their website wasn’t as updated when I visited it) and their Twitter account was also out of date.

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    nice article and yes the dish look delicious too.


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