Treats: Finnish chocolate

16 Nov
Geisha Chocolate

Geisha Chocolate

I think this is the last post I’ll share with you about Finland!

What posts have you liked the best? What would you like to try yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

Finishing with dessert

While much of the food I had while in Finland was familiar, there were a few things that were different or unusual. Of everything new, my favorites were of course the sweets!

Fazer is a huge Finnish company with many brands under its umbrella. One brand is Geisha confectionary, with a hazelnut flavour. They have a milk and dark chocolate variation, and I even saw  ice cream bars at the ever-present ice cream stands.

Geisha Chocolate

Geisha Chocolate

We tried the Geisha bar, and I found the flavour similar to a Bueno bar, with the same hazelnut flavour, but much less creamy, since it’s a firm, solid candy bar.

Next, we tried the raspberry-blueberry from Fazer’s Karl Fazer brand. Dark chocolate is not my favorite, but this didn’t have the same slight bitterness that I usually associate with dark chocolate. I’ll credit that to the tiny livers of dried raspberry throughout the bar, which gave a little (rice-crispy-like) crackle through. Unfortunately, I couldn’t taste the blueberry.

I can’t wait to get back to Finland some day (maybe a few years from now?).. and not just for the ice cream and treats! Since I think this is my last Finland post, if you’re visiting Happy Sushi Belly a little bit late, you can read some of my previous Finland posts by following the tags. (Or just scroll back!) I’ve included not just some photos and reviews of food and treats, but also some beautiful photos of Finland’s attractions and some travel comments like hotels and travel tips.

  • For posts about my experiences in Turku, please click the Turku Tag for all of the posts I’ve marked from this beautiful western city.
  • For posts about the beautiful eastern town of Savonlinna (home of an annual opera festival) click the Savonlinna Tag.
  • For posts from the bustling, active city of Helsinki, click the Helsinki Tag.  I’ll admit, that I didn’t dine much in this city (because so much of my time was spent at a three-day-long metal festival), which only leaves so much opportunity for a future trip!
  • If you would like to read about my whole trip to Finland, or about some of the other places I visited like Vantaa or Naatali, click the “Finland” tag.

Thanks for reading!

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