Breakfast for dinner

30 Oct

Well I had hoped to bring you a few more non-Finland posts, but I guess I’m clearly not drinking enough new teas or going out to enough new places for sushi, because I don’t have anything ready to post that isn’t from my trip to Finland. (Or perhaps I just can’t wait to get back there!)

This is actually a kind of silly “oh, look at the unusual names & flavours” post, which perhaps you’ll find silly or funny or useless – but maybe it will also make you think “hmm I wish we had that here!”

A light dinner after those delicious, large Finnish breakfast buffets!

A light dinner after those delicious, large Finnish breakfast buffets!

One night in Helsinki, my travel companion and I headed to the grocery store not far from our hotel. (The S-Market, which Google tells me is at approximately 1 Siltasaarenkatu, Uusimaa, Finland) We were looking for dinner, but weren’t really sure what we wanted to eat.

One thing I missed in the hotels in Finland was a coffee maker in the room, and what would have been even better – a mini-fridge. None of the rooms had either. (Which is kind of shocking, considering the Finnish love of dairy products and coffee!)

When I have a fridge/coffee maker, it opens up our dining options considerably – but without it we were stuck looking for things that were easy to eat on the spot, and didn’t require heating or any real utensils (I usually pack a few plastic spoons for yoghurt, etc).

On this first night we had yoghurt… I had the coffee (kaffe) flavour, while my travel companion had peach-raspberry. I haven’t seen coffee flavour yoghurt here – but it was really good!

A little breakfast for dinner

A little breakfast for dinner

On a subsequent night we decided to do the same thing for dinner, as we were too tired to think too much about food, and were sick and tired of fast-food… (There was a sushi place around the corner from our hotel too, but I never visited… my companion isn’t a sushi-lover.)

This next night my companion was a bit more adventurous and tried  a toffee-flavour, while I had a cola-flavoured yoghurt.  I can’t say I was a fan of this – but I tried the toffee and it was MUCH better.  We also shared a bottle of strawberry-lime juice.. yum!

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