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26 Oct

I’ve recently started experimenting with some of the different ways to show off the photos of the amazing things we’ve made, done, and tried here on Happy Sushi Belly, but now that you’ve seen a few different posts with these new styles, I’d like your feedback!

WordPress offers a number of different gallery styles.  Some are dynamic so that they’ll look a different way each time you visit our site, but what do YOU prefer?


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This requires JavaScript (which I know some people choose to disable) and I love how clean it looks on our page – but I do know that it makes it hard to see larger versions of the pictures, and may limit your ability to add photos to Pinterest. The overlaid captions are neat – but they kind of blend in with my watermark a bit… What do you think?


I haven’t really used this one yet because I don’t think it really works for our site – I miss being able to see the captions without opening the image in a larger version… but what do you think?

Thumbnail Grid

I think this one works well for a gallery, and it works well for Pinterest and seeing larger photos, but I don’t think it’s nearly as pretty as some of the other styles.

Tiled Mosaic

I’ve used this one quite a bit – it works well for Pinterest and enlarging – but it isn’t as compact as the Slideshow. I do love the hover-over captions though – but this might be less effective on mobile or touchscreen devices (I haven’t tested this out yet..) I think this one might be my favorite (depending on the post of course) but what do you think?

Square tiles

Like the Tiled Mosaic above, I like this one, but it focuses on square images rather than displaying the photos in their original orientation – this would work perfect if I moved to doing mostly Instagram-style photos, but I usually don’t crop my photos this way…

We want your feedback!

So, what do you think? Are there galleries that look more or less interesting to you? What kind of devices do you use to read Happy Sushi Belly? Features you like or dislike? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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