Counting sushi calories

24 Oct

Have you ever wondered if sushi (and other related dishes) are a help or a hinderance to your healthy eating plan? While sushi isn’t especially high in fat on average, the rice contains a fair amount of carbohydrates. Still, by picking certain sushi types over others (or skipping the rice entirely and sticking to sashimi) you can moderate your caloric intake and pick the best items for their nutritional value.

Ikura at Sakura

Ikura at Sakura

On the Sushi FAQ there’s a great chart you can read that illustrates the general calories, grams of fat, grams of carbohydrates, grams of fiber, and grams of protein per each type of sushi. They also have included the Weight Watchers points number for each item as well.

I compared a few of my favourite items according to their chart, Ikura (Salmon Roe) for instance has 39 calories and is 1.0 “points” while farmed salmon has 56 calories (50 calories for it’s wild counterpart) and is 1.5 points. Tuna is the same as wild salmon, but the chart doesn’t list the special scallop battleship roll that I love.

Would you use a chart like this to help you pick out what to enjoy for a sushi dinner night out – or would you just stick to your favorites regardless of how they measure up?

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