Dinner at Piatta

16 Oct

After a long day at the castle and museum  in Savonlinna, I wasn’t too keen on just having our hotel buffet for dinner, so near the tourist ferry dock, we stopped for dinner at Piatta, a nice little restaurant which offered not just great food, but a great chance to get out of the rain that began to pour down as we were heading in. Perfect timing!

Dinner at Piatta

Dinner at Piatta


Piatta was an excellent choice – an Italian restaurant with a water view and excellent interior atmosphere. To start off they had a seemingly small salad bar. I say ‘seemingly small’ because the options were excellently arranged to create a fantastic salad to start our meal. I piled my plate high with cubed cucumber, sun-dried tomatoes, unripe mozzarella cheese, black olives, shredded carrots, on a bed of lettuce and topped the whole thing with delicious pesto dressing. On the side there were a variety of breads to round off the starter.

For our entree both my companion and I chose the Grilled Chicken dish, which is a grilled chicken filet served with paprika and cream cheese sauce served with country-style potatoes.  Along with the potatoes, there were also zucchini, bell peppers, onions, and carrots, and on top of the dish was a cheese-stuffed pepper.  The sauce is really the highlight of this dish; the cream cheese and paprika sauce was amazing!

From our window seat we could watch people wait for their busses while the rain came down. The rain didn’t last long though.  We were there on a weekday early in the evening and although there were a few other patrons in the restaurant, it wasn’t full at all – however they have a lot of space to fill between the main dining room on the left and right of the main doors, and a generous enclosed patio space. We were there right before the main ‘tourist season’ I think for Savonlinna; I bet during the Opera Festival Piatta is packed!

Hiking on an island in Savonlinna, but the city is just across the water!

Hiking on an island in Savonlinna, but the city is just across the water!

Savonlinna was a beautiful town to visit, and I would love to visit again. If you’re in the area and want a delicious meal during a night out, consider checking out Piatta – perhaps after a little hike around the many islands!

Kauppatori 4
Savonlinna, Finland
+358 15 20202

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