Fast Food Finnish-style

08 Oct
Hessburger in Savonlinna

Hessburger in Savonlinna

In my previous post I mentioned that I ended up having to pick fast food during my trip to Finland when I got back to the hotel after my concerts. Of course, I took a few snapshots to share here – even though it’s hardly fine dining and isn’t sushi at all, I still thought that some of Happy Sushi Belly’s readers might find some of the differences fun to read.


Finland’s national fast-food hamburger chain is Hessburger, which kind of reminded me of a non-chain place that used to be open near where I live. We visited Hessburger on our first night in Savonlinna, mostly because it was easily seen from a distance, and since it was pretty late, we didn’t want to wander too much to try to find another place that was open.

I think we should have at least looked for a pub or something because I wasn’t too keen on what we ordered. We each had a cheeseburger, fries and a drink, and while the fries were fine and the drink was normal, we didn’t really like the cheeseburger at all. If we knew a bit more Finnish it might have been easier to pick out something more interesting, but being tired… we just weren’t in the mood for big surprises…


McDonalds in Finland is a bit different too – first off they have doughnuts on the menu! No, I didn’t try one, but I did try their coffee drink, which I thought would be a coffee-flavoured milkshake, but instead it was hot coffee with lots of milk, served 3/4 full in a milkshake kind of glass. The picture in the Turku venue made it look like it was coffee and chocolate, and the other flavours appeared to be pear and chocolate, strawberry and chocolate, and vanilla and chocolate – but who knows! (We thought it was ok, but not worth a repeat…)


Along with excellent Finnish candy, we also tried a few different flavours of old familiar things – like ‘Paprika’ (bell pepper) flavoured Lays potato chips – interesting, but again, not deserving of a repeat snack (unlike some of the candy we tried!). We tried these while sitting on a bench along the Aura River in Turku.

Restaurant boats on the Aura River

Restaurant boats on the Aura River

If you’d like to see some of my previous posts about my trip to Finland, please click the Finland Tag to see them all pulled together for you. If you’re interested in more sights from Savonlinna, I also have a Savonlinna Tag  and a Turku Tag for you to follow! Consider clicking the “Follow” button to the right to subscribe via email, or follow Happy Sushi Belly on Twitter. You can also follow us on Facebook, where you can join other foodies, or just follow along as posts are automatically sent to Facebook as well. Thanks WordPress!

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