Treats: lemon cheesecake

30 Sep

While on the fortress island of Suomenlinna (a short ferry ride from Helsinki’s Market Square) we needed a rest, a drink, and a chance to get out of the sun.

We had lots of options, (including a restaurant with lots of fish dishes) but we were in the mood for lighter fare, so we opted for Café Piper, a small, quaint, summer café with a few seats inside, a few tables outside on the shady, covered patio, and ample seating outside in the sunshine. The café is located on a small hill surrounded by an English-style garden, offering a view into the Gulf of Finland. They offered a small lunch buffet with soup, but instead we picked a lemon cheesecake along with a cold drink.

Yummy lemon cheesecake

Yummy lemon cheesecake

The site where the café currently sits previously was the location for a Roman Catholic chapel and two gazebos.  The current building was constructed in 1928, and it has been a café since it’s construction.  The café location is along a wheelchair accessible route, however the café itself has a small staircase without a ramp.  Some of the seating can be accessed with a wheelchair, though not all of it.  There are, however, other more accessible places to dine on the island(s) for visitors with limited mobility.

The cheesecake was delicious, but not at all what I’d think of to make for a lemon cheesecake. I think this would be super-easy to replicate using a regular cheesecake recipe, and some delicious lemon curd (found in the jams, honey, and other toast-topping section of some grocery stores).

Want more posts from Suomenlinna? Just follow the Suomenlinna tag! You can also check out my other posts from the Helsinki area with the Helsinki tag, or the other posts from my trip to Finland with the Finland tag! If you’re planning a trip to Helsinki yourself, I highly recommend following Visit Helsinki on Twitter @HelsinkiTourism; I followed their feed well before my trip and during as well! (I also walked past their office, but didn’t pop in – Helsinki was so easy to get around – just my iPhone and the maps in our hotel were all we needed!)

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