Piña colada tea slushie

18 Sep

I picked up a small amount of piña colada tea from the Banff Tea Company when visiting the beautiful mountain town in August. It was the sample of the day, and was delicious!

Piña colada tea

Piña colada tea

Piña colada tea is a rooibos-based tea, with generous pineapple and coconut pieces along with natural flavours. I decided to enjoy this during a bit of hot weather, and made it up extra strong, chilled it, and then added it to my slushie blender (along with a bit of sweetener and lots of ice) for a great piña colada tea slushie.

Piña colada tea slushie

Piña colada tea slushie

It was amazing! I highly recommend it for warm weather (and actually the tea is pretty good hot too) and if you have a slushie blender, give it a try! (I picked up an inexpensive blender especially for slushies, so that I won’t risk damaging my good blender with all of that ice…)

Black bear near Johnston Canyon

Black bear near Johnston Canyon

If you’re visiting Banff, definitely visit the Johnston Canyon area for anywhere from a pleasant walk to a good day-hike (and even more adventures in the winter!) While we were there we saw this beautiful black bear from the safety of our vehicle.

If you’re not fortunate enough to visit Banff, the Banff Tea Company offers free shipping so you can enjoy this tea even from a distance!  If you want to see what other teas from the shop that we’d recommend, click the Banff Tea Co. tag link. They offer payment through credit card or Paypal, and there’s also a cool idea of using tea (including exclusive and custom blends) for your wedding favours! Such a cool idea!

Of course, you already know that Happy Sushi Belly is on Facebook, but did you know that the Banff Tea Company is too? Check them out!

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