Sushi: Sakura Sushi Japan

14 Sep

Slightly slow service and small sushi selections was balanced by excellent sashimi, good prices, and a calm, pleasant interior. I wouldn’t put Sakura at the top of my visit-again list, but if you’re in the area, it’s worth checking out.

Sakura Sushi Japan

While off on Saturday adventures (which included visiting a Pagan market and the Calgary Opera summer festival) Connie and I looked for some lunch… and what else would we choose, but sushi!

Ikura at Sakura

Ikura at Sakura

Located in an unassuming strip mall (which features 2 bars, a liquor store, and a payday cash advance location)  Sakura Sushi Japan doesn’t look like much from the outside. Although it was a bright and sunny day (about 27°C) the interior was dark – much more of an ‘evening’ sort of atmosphere than a daytime lunch feel. The interior is quite small as well, with perhaps 7-9 tables (I didn’t actually count) but as a good sign – about half of the tables were full once we sat down.

We visited after lunchtime as well (about 1:30 p.m. because of a late start to our day) so I wonder if it might have been busier if we had visited during the lunch or dinner ‘rush’.

We started with Agadashi Tofu, which I was quite impressed by.  The pieces were large, and the dish was well-seasoned, hot, and the tofu was firm.

both selected tuna sashimi (which was thinly sliced, but very, very good) and then while I chose my favourite Ikura (salmon eggs) and chopped scallop battleship sushi pieces, Connie went for her favourite Saba (mackerel) along with a chopped scallop for herself and a Hotate (scallop). Her Saba and Hotate both looked delicious (though I’ll let you tell you more herself!) but we both agreed that the battleship-style sushi pieces were very small.  (Only a few days later we were in Sushi House Banff, where she commented “now this is what  chopped scallop should look like!”)

Most of the sushi is $1.50 each, which is a pretty good price for sushi in Calgary – click the “price chart” tag to see some of the other sushi places where we’ve shared the current price chart at the time of our visit.

Price chart

Sushi Menu price (before tax)
Salmon & tuna sashimi $9.00/ 7 pieces
Special (chopped) scallop $1.50 / each
Ikura $1.50 / each
Agadashi Tofu $5.00/ 6 pieces

If you live (or are visiting) nearby, and are interested in take-out sushi, their online menu offers a discount for take-out orders – visit their website for their menu and contact information.

Sakura Sushi Japan
6219 Centre St NW
Calgary, AB
T2K 0V2
(403) 460-9866

Don’t forget to follow Happy Sushi Belly on Facebook! I’m sharing videos and links there, as well as regular updates from the Happy Sushi Belly blog!  Looking for a few other opinions on Sakura before Connie shares her impressions? Check out Follow My Food Trail’s blog post, the Hitting the Sauce blog post, or Kelly’s Culinary Adventures.

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