Dockside danish

06 Sep

In my last post I mentioned that sometimes the view more than makes up for a lackluster dining experience…
Well, this post is more boring food, just to share some awesome photos with you of beautiful Savonlinna.

Beautiful sunset in Savonlinna

Beautiful sunset in Savonlinna

Don’t you just want to run down that ramp, jump off the dock, and plunge into that water? Ok, perhaps not at sunset! Still, is there any wonder why I am eager to return to Finland and explore other areas of the country?

Amazing and impressive Olavinlinna castle in Savonlinna

Amazing and impressive Olavinlinna castle in Savonlinna

After visiting Olavinlinna castle (above) in Savonlinna and the Provincial museum, my travel companion and I headed down towards the main dock area, set on taking a lake cruise with one of the many boats offering regular service around the area. Since it was still a week or so before the Opera Festival, there didn’t seem to be a lot of tourists in town, but still we anticipated that we would have a selection of trips to choose from, as we had walked past the dock earlier and read the departure times and routes. Although I was happy to see the castle from a water-side angle, I really wanted to see more of the scenery around Savonlinna, so was planning on opting for a lake-centric tour which went further south than the other trips.

One boat was just leaving as we arrived, but they were planning a route we weren’t as interested in, so when the staff person bid us entrance, we declined, set to wait for the trip we were really interested in. Unfortunately, our trip wouldn’t go as planned…

Dockside danish

Dockside food trucks

While we waited for the posted departure time of our chosen trip, we sat down near the docks and pondered how to pass the time. Near the dock there were a series of food trucks. Excellent – we’d have a snack while we waited…

Dockside danish

Dockside Danish vendor

Without English signage, I wasn’t too sure what each of the vendors was offering, so simply picked one (the Torikahvila vendor above) and looked in their window selecting a strawberry Danish (and a diet coke) for a ‘while-we-are-waiting’ snack.

Dockside Danish

Dockside Danish

Finishing up, we went to the boat, only to find out that it wasn’t running regular service. Despite the sign indicating it’s departure (and no notes to the contrary), it was doing a charter trip that evening, which would be the last trip of the day!

The next boat over wasn’t running either – they were doing some minor repairs.  The fourth, and last boat which we had to choose from had posted their time, but no one was outside the boat to sell tickets….  I went in, and the staff member said that they’d only run if they had a minimum number of people, which makes sense, but we were starting to feel a sense of disappointment…

Dockside danish

Dockside Danish

The time came for the boat’s departure, and we were the only interested riders, so the tour didn’t go as advertised.  We were certainly disappointed, and didn’t feel like waiting around for another possible departure time which may or may not leave either.

At least our snack was delicious!

(And now I have at least one more thing I really want to do when I ever get back to Savonlinna!)

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