Primehotel Savonlinna breakfast buffet

31 Aug

In my previous post, I showed off the beautiful buffet at the Primehotel Savonlinna, in eastern Finland. Today I’ll show you some of the breakfasts my companion and I enjoyed during our all-too-brief stay.

Breakfast buffet in Savonlinna

My companion’s sugar-topped cereal

My companion really does like it sweet it seems; she sprinkled sugar on top of her cereal along with seeds, dried fruit, and nuts.

Breakfast buffet in Savonlinna

Sour fruit, dried fruit, and seeds on my cereal

For me, I stuck with the sour fruit mixture, dried fruit, and seeds for my cereal… and lots of milk! I don’t know if I’d be able to identify all of the fruits used in the sour-fruit mixture, but there were blueberries, cherries, cranberries, and more. Perhaps ligonberries? The mix tasted a lot like strawberry-rhubarb pie – with that sweet/tangy contrast.

Breakfast buffet in Savonlinna

My tasty breakfast

I didn’t JUST have cereal though – from the smorgasbord I also took some sliced deli meat, cheese, cucumber and tomatoes. From the hot selection I stuck with the meatballs (and added a piece of whole fruit too), and finished off my plate with a slice of very dense bread. Orange juice and of course, tea, finished off my breakfast that morning.

Breakfast buffet in Savonlinna

Breakfast on another morning

Another morning I tried the eggs though… ick.  Along with the eggs I tried a Karelian pasty, (which I’ll post about more later in case you’re curious about these little Finish items) a hard-boiled egg, more of the dense bread with ligonberry (?) jam, and those little sausages which reminded me of hot-dogs… They were interesting, but I wouldn’t say that I enjoyed them…

Breakfast buffet in Savonlinna

Tasty porridge with dried fruit

Along with my meal I also had porridge with dried fruit.  The sign near the porridge suggested that it was a local favourite specialty… but I honestly didn’t think it was that different than other porridge I’ve had!

Of course, I couldn’t have a post about Savonlinna without showing you the amazing Olavinlinna castle.  Stay tuned to future posts, where I’ll show off more of the castle, along with more food stories from my visit to the beautiful town.

Amazing and impressive Olavinlinna castle in Savonlinna

Amazing and impressive Olavinlinna castle in Savonlinna

In all honesty, I’d return to Savonlinna again in a heartbeat. There were so many things I left wanting to do, some touristy (like taking a lake cruise) and several less touristy (like wandering through the forested islands and plunging in the lake for a swim)! Hopefully I’ll inspire all of the travelling foodies to think about visiting Savonlinna too!

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