Midsummer eve kabob

13 Aug

Midsummer is a huge holiday in Finland, as I found out when I was there this past June. (I can’t believe it’s already been so long, and at the same time, I miss it so much!) Midsummer eve is a holiday when a lot of things are closed, as people leave the cities to head out to lakeside cabins. Even the day before Midsummer eve, a lot of places closed early, and on Midsummer day, busy Turku changed into a near ghost town! Needless to say, for tourists without friends or family in Turku, this made a few things challenging – not least of all getting a bite to eat!

After a day in Naantali (Don’t worry, I’ll share that with you too!) we were looking for a place to eat – but so many places in Turku were closed! As we got off the bus we walked past a Kebab place near the market square, and thought that we were too tired to wander and have to come back anyways, so let’s give it a try!

Kebab place in Turku

Kebab place exterior. I think the steak place was upstairs or next door – it certainly wasn’t where we went!

When I think kebab, I think of shishkabab – meat and vegies on a stick. Unfortunately, the entire menu was in Finnish, and it was hard to tell what anything might have been. The clerk was helpful and said that he could translate anything we wanted for us, so I pointed at a picture, and ordered away! My companion, either being equally as brave, or perhaps even less interested in trying to figure out what might be good to eat ordered the same.

Kebab place in Turku

Kebab place in Turku and the Finnish-only menu

The result was an enormous wrap filled with meat and vegetables.  It was delicious, but dripped with sauce, and was far too much for one person to eat each – if we had known, we would have split it easily!



If you’re visiting Finland during Midsummer, take the challenge we faced into account – either plan to visit a tourist-centric town outside of the city, or make arrangements for things to do and places to eat that will be open despite the broad closures.  It was fascinating, but it did mean that there were two days we couldn’t visit museums, shop, or do other things.  Of course, that just means I have a few more things on my ‘wish list’ to try next time I visit Turku!

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