Turku Centro hotel buffet

11 Aug

Back when I went to Hawaii and stayed at the gorgeous Hilton hotel, I found that a substantial breakfast while travelling really saved money and helped fuel my day (full of walking, hiking, swimming, and all of the other activities I had planned. Even shopping!). When looking for hotels for my Finland trip, I was keen to pick a hotel that offered a buffet breakfast over those that didn’t.  Every time, I was really happy that I had made that choice.

Not only does a good breakfast help prepare me for the day, but it also helps me wake up! (Or maybe it’s just that morning cup of tea..) It’s great to be able to get dressed, go downstairs for breakfast, and then head back to the hotel room to finish getting ready or make the firm plans on how to spend the day. Usually otherwise I try to grab some groceries (which wouldn’t work great, since none of our hotels in Finland had mini-fridges) or am stuck getting breakfast late, once out and about for the day.

The buffet breakfast at the Centro hotel in Turku was also really generous, with loads of choice for cold foods (and a few hot foods too).

Buffet Breakfast

Yoghurt with tasty toppings

Just a note – these photos are from SEVERAL different breakfasts at the Centro hotel in Turku – we were there for a week, and so I had lots of opportunities to take photos of what we were eating each day.

Above, yoghurt with sunflower seeds, granola with dried apple, and sour berries.

Buffet Breakfast

Tea & pastry – Buffet Breakfast

Choosing Earl Grey tea instead of super-strong Finnish coffee for breakfast, followed by a Timbit. (Ok, not really a Timbit! It was very much like a doughnut hole though – just a little larger and more dense..)

Buffet Breakfast

Smoked salmon – Buffet Breakfast

Hmmm smoked salmon (lox, gravlax) for breakfast on a rye bread cracker. The cracker was really hard and tough… so I skipped it and went for something softer for the next day’s fill of smoked salmon!

Buffet Breakfast

Buffet Breakfast

The sundried tomato was so tasty with the cheese and basil.  I’d never think of having a Caprese salad for breakfast though!

Buffet Breakfast

Buffet Breakfast

My companion stuck with coffee – though she agreed that it was super-strong, and went for the cinnamon roll- like pastry for her breakfast along with a little pastry/biscuit filled with raisins, and a hard-boiled egg for some morning protein.

Breakfast buffet in Turku

Breakfast buffet in Turku

… and chocolate cake.. for breakfast?

We weren’t the only ones who were enjoying the dessert-for-breakfast idea, and each day the hotel offered a different sweet to end our meal.  This chocolate cake must be a local specialty, because I saw it in a few places.  If you know what it is.. or even better – have a link to a recipe, please share it in the comments below!

Breakfast buffet in Turku

Breakfast buffet in Turku

The Centro also offered a dinner buffet (for an additional price) which we took advantage of when a lot of other places were closed on Midsummer day – it didn’t offer nearly as much variety, and was not nearly as popular as the breakfast – we were one of only two diners that evening, while for breakfast, it was always active (although never packed, which is good…).

The Centro was a great hotel to stay at – it was so close to the Aura river which was nice for two reasons, the Aura river makes a nice spot to go and walk or sit by, but also because so many things to see-and-do are close to the river. Being close to the river means you’re close to so many other things. It was very close to the Cathedral and Market Square, but quite far from the Castle – though still within walking distance. The Centro is located in a little courtyard, which means it also felt very private (albeit a little hard to find at first) and it was very quiet.  (Which was especially good with all of the sun from the northern summer when we wanted to sleep!) There was an on-site sauna, but I never found the time to go and enjoy it I’m afraid. The staff were always helpful and friendly, but the elevator made us laugh, as it was only big enough for one of us and our two suitcases at a time – so I took the stairs when we had bags to carry!

Breakfast buffet in Turku

Breakfast buffet in Turku

Yep.. that’s herring on the left hand side… I’ll be talking more about that later…

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