Village Ice Cream

29 Jul

Last summer at Voices in the Village I first heard of Village Ice Cream but I didn’t get around to visiting until this year – this is the problem with not being downtown nearly as much as I used to!

Finding Village Ice Cream is not especially easy, because it’s at the end of a dead-end road, and then tucked into the side of a building rather than having a street-front entrance.  There is a decent sized parking lot, though I bet when they get busy, it gets full fast. When I went there was a short line that the staff had moving fairly efficiently, and their very small ‘patio’ was full with families sitting on the available benches.

Village Ice Cream

Village Ice Cream

There really isn’t a super-close place to go to enjoy your ice cream unfortunately – Olympic Plaza is probably the closest park, and you’ll probably be half-done by the time you get there.

There are a number of traditional flavours like vanilla, chocolate, maple pecan, coconut, and strawberry, a few ‘branded’ flavours like coffee – which they’ve branded after Phil & Sebastian (a coffee shop), chocolate mint – which is branded as “Guide’s Mint” – alluding to girl guides I presume (which is odd, because girl guide cookies are chocolate and vanilla…)  They also have a few more unique flavours such as cardamom, huckleberry, and salted caramel.

The shop has ten flavours that they keep “in the dipping cabinet and in the pint freezer” at all times, and then a rotating variety along with one sorbet for those who want to be dairy-free.  When I was there the seasonal specials included Root Beer (which apparently tastes just like a root beer float), Mango, Oaxacan Chile Chocolate (a Vegan option made with coconut milk) and Hibiscus Juniper Sorbet.

Village Ice Cream

Village Ice Cream menu

I started off with a sample of cardamom.  I didn’t know what to expect, but it was fantastic! The clerk filled me in that cardamom is a spice from India, used heavily in Chai. I loved it, and toyed with the idea of getting a scoop of it to go, but instead I went with my first choice, the Hibiscus Juniper Sorbet.

Sorbet from Village Ice Cream

Sorbet from Village Ice Cream

I think that I probably missed out on something by going with the sorbet instead of the creamy goodness of ice cream, but it was still quite good. It reminded me of a vaguely floral/herbal strawberry sorbet, although not exceptionally strong tasting.  I was also toying with the salted caramel, but have read online in reviews that it can go from good, to tasting ‘burnt’ and I definitely didn’t want that…

Have you tried out Village Ice Cream yet? What is your favourite flavour? Let us know in the comments below!

Village Ice Cream
Located in Victoria Park
431 10 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 261-7950
Village Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

Want a sneak peek of some of their other flavours? Read this post from the Silk Road Spice Merchant – I didn’t know that it was their spices that go into a lot of the flavours!

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