Tea: Ice Cream Cake

27 Jul

I love the name and branding of this tea from David’s Tea.  It’s also a super-pretty (dry) tea, and without any caffeine, drinkable at any time of day… even if it’s not a special occasion!

Ice Cream Cake tea

Ice Cream Cake tea

This tea contains red and green rooibos, honeybush, freeze-dried ice cream bits, sprinkles, natural and artificial flavoring, and the allergens include milk, eggs, and soy.  The tea looks pretty dry, but it’s kind of a hot mess when you steep it up. I put it in my Teavana perfect tea maker, and the ice cream bits are all gooey and icky when the tea steeps up… definitely makes me glad that the tea maker is dishwasher-safe.

Ice Cream Cake tea

Ice Cream Cake tea

Dry, the tea smells sweet, and just a little bit smoky from the rooibos.  When steeped up though it’s just warm and delicious smelling. The taste is similar to a lot of David’s other ‘candy’-centric teas like Red Velvet Cake, Read My Lips, and Toasted Marshmallow – there’s a warm, soothing taste, with just a bit of sweet, even without adding sweetener.

The reviews on Steepster seem to be pretty much in line with my thoughts – it’s a tasty, sweet tea, but the additional ingredients make it somewhat gooey and messy.

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