The misadventures of hand rolls

26 Jul

I love to make hand rolls. Unlike maki sushi rolls they are much easier, allow me to add in a lot more delicious filling, and look decadent and pretty.

I hate to eat hand rolls though.  Inevitably the nori has become too soft, (and thus chewy) so it’s hard to bite gracefully (that is to say, without dropping bits of rice onto my shirt. ahem.) and I can never figure out the “right” way to add soy sauce – pouring it over top looks inelegant (and I’m worried about it pouring right on through the impromptu nori funnel) and dipping it means I’m just dipping the seaweed (nori) and not the fishy filling…

If you have better luck than I do with hand rolls (like Connie does, as mentioned in this post about Sushi Miki) maybe you’d like to try your own? Check out this video from the Make Sushi channel on YouTube:

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