Calling BS…

23 Jul

Maybe you caught the article(s) about wine-tasting lately, one in particular asking:

“ tasting: is it bullshit, or is it complete and utter bullshit?”

The author of Wine tasting is bullshit. Here’s why, Robert T. Gonzalez came to his conclusion because of a few different points,

  1. Wine experts contradict themselves, having the opportunity to rate wines in a blind taste test they rated the same exact wine in a variety of ways.
  2. Wine experts, given a red wine and a white wine dyed to resemble red wine, couldn’t distinguish a red from a white.
  3. Wines were rated higher or lower based on characteristics of the consumption experience other than taste.
  4. …and finally, he noted that even wine critics agreed that there is no hard science, no tests, no quantifiable way of rating wines – that even wine critics agreed that reviews are “bullshit”.

So… bringing that back to sushi, tea, and all the other things that Happy Sushi Belly shares, what does that mean?

It’s all just subjective

Tasty raw oysters

I think raw oysters are delicious.. that doesn’t mean you have to!

When we give a great review to one California Roll, and a negative one to another, it’s all just coming from our own perspective.  If we think that one shop has a great atmosphere and another doesn’t, it’s all just one individual’s perspective. If we think the service in one establishment is fantastic and at another it’s slow or inattentive, that’s just one person’s thought from one particular experience.

One review isn’t going to make or break a business, nor should it make you put down your favourite cup of tea just because someone else doesn’t like it.  Instead, this is a great opportunity to share your opinion.

Comment and reply!

If we give a poor review to your favourite spot, take the opportunity to share your positive opinion in the comments.  If we give a glowing recommendation to a place you have had a bad experience with, share that too. While we’re not looking for flames or insults, just like we hope our readers understand that our opinion is just that – ours.. we also respect that your opinion might be different, and that it’s just as valuable to share as our own.

… and just think – you’ll be sharing a more well-rounded perspective to the individuals who read after you!

And if you really want to share your opinions, consider becoming a guest blogger!

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