Sushi: Big Catch

14 Jul

There’s a sushi place in SouthEast Calgary that has great reviews on UrbanSpoon – I keep thinking of going, but it’s never open when I’m in the mood for sushi and am in the area! Finally I got there though (after a Saturday afternoon of art shows and pottery sales!) and can attest that all of those great reviews are accurate – Big Catch is fantastic!

Located in the Kingsland Farmers Market, Big Catch is ‘fast food’ sushi at it’s best. You place your order, pay, and then they give you one of those little restaurant/pharmacy pagers so you can walk around (and get tempted by all of the other Farmers Market offerings) while they prepare your order. For dining, there is a small selection of tables inside, and then another section outside. I was happy to dine in the sunshine myself, though it did make taking iPhone photos a bit difficult! (Since I kept creating my own shadow, and couldn’t see the screen correctly with the glare!)

While I was trying to figure out what to have, the counter-clerk offered me a sample – it was their Passion Sunrise roll, and consisted of crab and avocado topped with salmon green onion, tobiko and “volcano sauce”. Although the rice was a little gummy, the flavour was fantastic, so I looked forward to my order….

Big Catch Sushi - Mount Alaska Roll

Big Catch Sushi – Mount Alaska Roll

Mount Alaska

The Mount Alaska roll is cucumber and tuna topped with smoked salmon, avocado, topped with “volcano sauce”, thinly sliced onions and black pepper. Of course, I had to pick off the onions, but other than that it was a fantastic roll – the rice was delicious, and none of the flavours really competed with one another. (I had thought that the strong flavour of the salmon or sauce might have been too strong.) So good!

Big Catch Sushi - Mount Alaska Roll

Big Catch Sushi – Mount Alaska Roll

Tuna Sashimi

I ordered the Tuna Sashimi, and the counter-clerk asked if I liked belly of tuna – because it was really good that day. I appreciated that – though I said no thanks – when I’ve had it before I didn’t like it nearly as much. The tuna was fantastic as well – though I really think that rolls is where Big Catch shines.

In closing

Now it might be strange to talk about service with a fast-food counter-service kind of place, but I was really impressed with the counter clerk – he was friendly, outgoing, and helpful.

Now… the hard part… Big Catch is definitely a “Catch” for sushi lovers in Calgary, but since it’s in the Farmers Market, the hours are a bit less than “Big”. As I write, they’re open Thursday – Sunday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. which means that they’re much better as a weekend lunch than an after-work dinner. That being said, they offer take out (only) until 7:00 p.m. each of those four nights as well so if they’re on the way home, it’s a great option. The prices are average for most sushi places – I paid just over $20.00 for my tasty meal.

Big Catch
Kingsland Farmers Market
7711 Macleod Trail SE
Calgary, AB T2H1C3
(403) 708-5555

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