Gluten-Free Cupcakes

12 Jul

Fortunately, I don’t have a gluten sensitivity, but I know plenty of people who do, including friends, extended family members and colleagues.  With this in mind, I thought I’d share with you some tasty treats I tried out not long ago from Calgary bakery, Gluten-Free Foodgasm.

You might remember a while back I shared with you a few photos from a tasting party I was invited to. Some of the treats included banana bread and gingersnaps, but this time I was heading back for cupcakes. Gluten-Free Foodgasm offers online ordering, but they also have a regular spot in the Crossroads Market. During the summer, they also are appearing at a number of other events as well according to their Facebook page.

Trio of Gluten-Free Foodgasm cupcakes

Trio of Gluten-Free Foodgasm cupcakes

I ended up getting their 6 mini-cupcakes for $15 (along with a Nanaimo square).  Which included three Lemon Creamsicle cupcakes, a Black & White cupcake, a chocolate cupcake (not shown) and a chocolate cupcake with nuts on the top.

Gluten-Free Foodgasm  Lemon Creamsicle cupcake

Gluten-Free Foodgasm Lemon Creamsicle cupcake

I wasn’t able to eat any of the cupcakes when I bought them, instead I shared them the next day. We noticed that the cupcakes were quite dense – not fluffy (and oily) like we were used to for cupcakes. The lemon cupcake was quite good.  I thought that the majority of the lemon flavour was in the frosting; in the cupcake itself the flavour was much more mellow.

Gluten-Free Foodgasm Black & White cupcake

Gluten-Free Foodgasm Black & White cupcake

I didn’t get the chance to try the Black & White cupcake, but was told it was pretty tasty, although the person who tried it said that she would  have prefered a milk chocolate frosting/topping instead of the dark chocolate. Neither of us have gluten sensitivities, so I don’t  know if milk chocolate might not be appropriate for those who do?

Gluten-Free Foodgasm cupcake

Gluten-Free Foodgasm cupcake

I did get to try the chocolate cupcake with nuts (I can’t remember what this one was called I’m afraid) and it wasn’t really anything special for me. Mind you, I’m not a huge fan of nuts with my sweets.  I also tried the chocolate cupcake with the tall chocolate frosting, and that’s an entirely different story – it was fantastic! I’m sorry that I ate it too quickly to remember to take a photo, because it was definitely my favorite treat of the batch.

Oh, and that aforementioned Nanaimo Square – was fantastic! The top was dark chocolate which wasn’t as interesting to me as milk chocolate, but what really made it stand out was the icing filling – it was flavourful without being as sickeningly sweet as it sometimes can be.

Gluten-Free Foodgasm isn’t on UrbanSpoon .. yet! (This might change after I write this…) In the meantime, check them out on Yelp!

Update: They’re on UrbanSpoon now – here’s their Crossroads Market address, and the UrbanSpoon link so you can see more reviews or add your own!

 Gluten-Free Foodgasm
1235 26 Ave Southeast
Calgary, AB T2G1R7
Gluten-Free Foodgasm on Urbanspoon

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