Pegasus: delicious, but heavy Greek food

10 Jul

Feeling hungry for dinner? Not watching your diet? How about checking out Pegasus in Southwest Calgary?  I went with a friend, and we couldn’t decide on an entree, so instead ordered the Mezethes Platter – a selection of appetizers.  This included hummus and tsatziki sauce along with pita bread, three sticks of feta cheese, fried squid and baby octopus, spanikopita, tyropita, and dolmades.

The food

Mezethes platter at Pegasus

Mezethes platter at Pegasus

This isn’t light fare – lots of frying, lots of batter, lots of sauce, and lots of phylo pastery in this…

Mezethes platter at Pegasus

Mezethes platter at Pegasus

The pita bread was unusual – it reminded us a lot of yorkshire pudding – lots of oil, but light and fluffy versus the harder pita we’re more accustomed to.  The first piece was delicious, but as it cooled off the oil really became more pronounced and it became less and less tasty, no matter how much delicious sauce we put on it…

Mezethes platter at Pegasus

Mezethes platter at Pegasus

The dolmades were the first thing I tried off the platter – with ground beef, herbs, spices, and rice, these were pretty good.  They had a lemon and egg sauce on them though that I thought was overkill – just a squeeze of lemon juice would have been enough.

The spanikopita (spinach, feta, herbs and spices wrapped in phylo pastery) was alright, though one was more than enough. I liked the tyropita better (cheeses baked in phylo pastery) but still wouldn’t have wanted more than one of them – and I think if it had cooled off more, it too would have been less enjoyable just because of the oil.

The squid calamari was good, although a little tough (as squid usually is I’ve found) and I prefered it over the baby octopus, mostly because it seemed to have less batter and was less dry than the little octopi.  I also got a little squicked with the baby octopus, and also think I liked it better Japanese-style with a different, lighter sauce.

The tzatziki sauce was amazing – although I still think that Opa! makes better tzatziki sauce, and the hummus was good too.  (But again, I like the roasted red pepper hummus better than the plain stuff…)  The feta cheese came as a bit of a surprise – it was used to create a baracade for the sauces, so was covered in sauce…. but was amazing – really creamy and delicious, with just enough of that feta tang that I love.

Greek salad at Pegasus

Greek salad at Pegasus

After the appitizers, I wasn’t really super hungry, so I just ordered a small Greek salad. It was fantastic (though I did wish I’d remembered to ask them to leave out the onions) with really wonderful olives. It had a bit too much oil in the dressing for me, but the dressing had fantastic flavour.  Some of the pieces were also cut just a little too big for me, and I had to borrow my companion’s knife to cut the pieces up before eating. I don’t really like using a knife with a salad personally, though it does make the presentation look really good.

dessert at Pegasus

dessert at Pegasus

My dinner companion didn’t feel like any more ‘meal’ after the appitizers, so instead just had a dessert – custard, wrapped in phylo pastery. I had a nibble and it was ok, but it smelled delicious! In the photo above, my companion had already started eating before I remembered to bring out my camera!

Pegasus menu

Pegasus menu

Shot of side one of the menu

Pegasus menu

Pegasus menu

Close up – yep… all the prices are listed in euros rather than dollars… though charged in dollars. Kind of cute, but also kind of annoying…..

The atmosphere

We were greeted by who I presume is the owner, but from then on the one server was the only staff person we spoke to. The resuturant was mostly empty when we were there (just after work) but a few more people came in as we were leaving.  I presume they were regulars because of the conversations going on, and the fact that the one young woman got up and just got her and her friend glasses of water without waiting for the server.  (Perhaps she was a server on her day off or the owner’s daughter?)

The resturaunt is clean, but very, very small – it would be too packed for my liking if every table were full, but when we went it was fine. There is a small parking lot which offers limited parking, but neighborhood street parking is possible I think, and we didn’t have to worry when we went about finding a spot.  It’s outside of Marda Loop far enough to feel a bit out of the way, but close enough that you could reasonably walk there, or to the park nearby.  Likewise, it’s on a bus route (although it’s a very slow bus..) which makes it easier to get to if you are a transit user.

Pegasus Greek Restaurant Calgary
(403) 229-1231
4824 16 St SW
Calgary, AB
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