Sushi: I Love Sushi in Edmonton

24 Jun

Of course, when I go out of town, sushi is on my mind! When I was up in Edmonton for a music festival that I mentioned in a previous post, I didn’t just go out for sushi once, but twice with friends! My first trip out was to Kyoto, but my second was to I Love Sushi – a drastic difference.

I Love Sushi in Edmonton

I Love Sushi in Edmonton

While Kyoto had clean, modern decor, I Love Sushi is cute, and economical – the kind of place that I imagine caters more to people swinging by to pick up sushi for lunch or dinner and taking it out, rather than dining in.  The seating is minimal, and even though there were only three tables of customers in there (the space would seat about three times that number) it still felt a little cramped or crowded. Still, some of my favorite places have been more ‘hole in the wall’ than ‘fine dining’ so I was still up for a delicious meal with great company!

I Love Sushi in Edmonton

I Love Sushi in Edmonton

I ordered an order of tuna sashimi, and two pieces of chop chop – the chopped scallop and tobiko sushi that in Calgary we call a ‘special scallop’.  The chopped scallop was fantastic (although they had that silly little ‘tail’ of nori which I always pick off – with it on there there’s just too much sticky seaweed for my taste!) with great taste and perfect quantity.  The sashimi on the other hand was really disapointing.  When it came, it visually looked mushy. It actually still LOOKED partially frozen (although it wasn’t) and when I ate it, the very small pieces also felt and tasted mushy.  I like a nice, firm but tender piece of tuna, and this wasn’t it.  This was super-cheap maki quality tuna, not sashimi quality tuna as far as I was concerned.

I Love Sushi in Edmonton

I Love Sushi in Edmonton

So, the food itself was a bit of a mix… with that being said, the service was friendly and prompt – a great trait for take-out sushi.  I did have a bit of a frown to their washrooms though – there was no paper in the ladies, so I used the mens which had no coat hooks or anything, and smelled bad.  However, the washrooms are not just for the resturaunt, but also for the little health food store beside it – so likely not the resturuant’s responcibility but rather the responciblity of the landlord.

I Love Sushi in Edmonton

I Love Sushi in Edmonton

My conclusion; although it wouldn’t be my first choice to visit again, I Love Sushi is worth checking out for a quick sushi bite. I went around 3pm on a Tuesday, but I read on UrbanSpoon that they’re pretty busy during the lunch hour, so I expect that their goal is to be a quick pop-in or take-out option for those working downtown 9-5.

I Love Sushi in Edmonton

I Love Sushi in Edmonton

I Love Sushi
(780) 428-0606
10106 105 St NW
Edmonton, AB

I Love Sushi on Urbanspoon

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