Sushi: Kyoto in Edmonton

20 Jun

I was up in Edmonton for a music festival a while back (this is another one of those delayed posts!) and while I was up there, had to get together with a friend for what else…. sushi!  She recommended Kyoto downtown – about 10 blocks from my hotel – where we met up for dinner.

The decor is very clean, simple, modern. They have the option of the little rooms (which I love for groups) but also lots of tables and booths. Our server was very attentive and polite, and the menu had a lot of selection.

Kyoto in Edmonton

Kyoto in Edmonton

My friend isn’t quite up to the ‘raw fish’ part of sushi yet, so we ended up sharing a love boat of maki rolls. I had been looking at their maki selection in the menu and was actually looking forward to trying a selection – but the love boat was mostly very plain, ordinary rolls. I was kind of disappointed with the selection. There was a salmon roll, a tuna roll, a spicy roll (spicy tuna I think), a giant California roll, a tempura shrimp roll, and a roll filled with tempura batter and topped with a variety of fish like a rainbow roll. Although I was disappointed with the selection, I wasn’t disappointed with the quantity. I probably ate only half of my ‘share’ of the boat, and took the rest back to my hotel. (Which I promptly forgot in my mini-fridge…oops!)  It has been so long since I ordered a boat, or had so much maki!

(I think because I’m used to eating sashimi so much more, and am not so used to all of that rice – I was actually uncomfortably full… so much so that for our post-dinner drink, I stuck with a plain mint tea!)

Kyoto in Edmonton

Kyoto in Edmonton

Along with the love boat, I also had a “chop chop” – the Edmonton equivalent of what Calgary sushi restaurants call a special scallop – chopped scallops with tobiko, served up ‘battleship’ style. I think I like “chop chop” better as a name really, much cuter! The chop chop was fantastic! Although they had way more nori than what was needed (I always pick off those little ‘tails’ because otherwise there’s just too much seaweed!) the flavour and texture was perfect.  Yum!

I also had an order of Ikura – which was also just perfect (apart from the little nori ‘tail’) I’m glad the chop chop and Ikura came before the boat so I could really enjoy them!

Kyoto in Edmonton

Kyoto in Edmonton

All in all – the company was wonderful, and the nigiri sushi was great.  The maki was well made and tasted good, but I think I overdid it!

Kyoto in Edmonton

Kyoto in Edmonton

Kyoto Japanese Cuisine
(780) 420-1750
10128 109 Street
Edmonton, AB

Kyoto Japanese Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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