Teavana recalls glass tumblers

14 Jun


Thanks to Teavana’s Facebook page, I found out recently that they have recalled their glass tea tumblers due to laceration and burn hazards.  These are the double-walled glasses, most (but not all) with stainless steel tea infusers and lids.

The tea tumblers can break or shatter unexpectedly (I presume with a change of temperature – like putting hot water in the glass!) and poses burn hazards.  Teavana has received hundreds of reports of the glass breaking or shattering according to the CPSC,

If you’ve recently purchased a glass tea glass from Teavana (or received one as a holiday gift – some of the recalled products were sold in gift sets) you should check out the USA Consumer Product Safety Commission website for more information.  The glasses ranged in price from $15.00 – $30.00 for individual glasses, and $40.00 – $100.00 for the sets. The recalled glasses were all made in China.

This applies to both US and Canadian customers.   You can also call 877-261-1509 according to their Facebook page, or bring your tumbler into your closest Teavana.

Teavana is offering a free replacement for your recalled glass along with a free 2oz tea sample.  The replacement is a metallic tea tumbler, and the tea is their Opus Rouge Rooibos tea.

Other options

Bodum travel press

Bodum travel press

If you were thinking of picking up one of these infuser + glass tea tumblers, and now are wary, there are still lots of options.  These are great for single-serving tea (rather than making up a whole pot), still allow you to use your loose leaf tea, and are great for travel or work.

Might I suggest checking out:

Tuffy tea strainer – use your own mug in your office or hotel room

Bodum travel press – a great on-the-go option

T-sacs – pop your loose leaf tea into the tea bag and use your own mug

Or… there are lots of different plastic and metal versions of the tea tumbler with a stainless steel infuser basket and a lid. I have one from Teaopia (before they sold out to Teavana) that I use frequently. (But apparently have never blogged about!)

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