Tea: Chocolate Orange

12 Jun

I had thought all of the tea samples had been used up from the staff kitchen, but a visit to the kitchen’s tea stash a while back brought a happy surprise – more samples!  I’m not sure why, but there must be a tea-fairy in my office!

This time around, I didn’t pay much attention to what kind of tea the sample was, and only to the delicious-sounding name – Chocolate Orange from David’s Tea.  When I saw the name, and looked at the tea – I was expecting something like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange…and the smell was similar, although more on the orange peel smell, rather than the sweet tangy yumminess I had hoped for.

Chocolate Orange tea

Chocolate Orange tea

Steeping up the tea, the tea smelled more… baked.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a baked orange – but I think that it would smell a little like this. The tea steeps up very dark, and has a warm taste, with sort of a coffee-like richness.  It was only when I went online to grab a link for the blog that I realized that the reason for the ‘baked’, coffee-like taste was that this is a pu’erh tea!  The chocolate and orange tastes are both there, but not the way I had anticipated. The chocolate is more like a dark chocolate than my far-preferred milk chocolate.

Chocolate Orange tea

Chocolate Orange tea

The David’s Tea website describes the tea as “rich, sweet and decadently dark”. The tea definitely is dark, (perhaps this was meant to mean both the colour and the chocolate!) and once I added sweetener and milk, there was some sweetness, and a bit of creaminess (though it could have been creamier…) The website goes on to describe the tea as a “pu’erh blend [that] has it all: big chocolate curls to satisfy your dessert craving and zesty orange peel for a touch of fruitiness and spice.” Although the chocolate is more of a chocolate chip rather than a curl, and it settles at the bottom of the mug as the tea cools.

If you love the idea of Jazz Cat’s Meow, White Chocolate Mousse, or Red Velvet tea, but want something less sweet, this is a great option. For me, it was good, but just not as special.

Do you have a favorite chocolate tea? Let us know in the comments below!

*Update* I tried the tea later on, and since I didn’t expect a “Terry’s Chocolate Orange” taste, I was much happier with the end result.  I’ll still stick with my favorites, but if you like chocolate teas, give this one a try!

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