Tea: Kusmi Almond

22 May

The last time Connie and I were in Banff we stopped in at our favorite tea shop and picked up a few favorites plus a few new things  One of the things that she tried was Kusmi Almond Tea, and I loved the scent too – so recently she brought it by for me to try.

While I loved the tea in the store, I found the scent this time around a bit strange, almost too strong of an almond scent – as though it were a bit chemical.  This might be that it was a fresh container (versus the container in the shop) or just my mood on the two different days.  There is a very strong almond scent, and a slight bitterness with the green tea.

When I steeped it up, the scent remained, though the green tea scent was more predominant, and the almond scent was significantly less.

In taste, I found this tea a bit too bitter for me, so I added sweetener, and yes, skim milk (I know the purists will clutch their pearls at adding milk to green tea – but it improved it for me!) The green tea flavour definitely took over the tea, and the almond flavour wasn’t hardly noticeable at all to me.  (Perhaps because I am so sensitive to the taste of the green tea…?)

Overall, like the Kusmi Violet tea that I tried, (which I’ll blog about later!) I found that there wasn’t enough of the flavour in the tea – that the addition seemed mostly scent rather than taste.

Have you tried the Kusmi Almond tea?  What did you think?  Let us know in the comments below!  Are there other Kusmi teas that you prefer?

Tea. Photo by Modomatic

Tea. Photo by Modomatic

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