Tea: Mother’s Little Helper

26 Apr

In my ongoing attempt to cut down some of my massive tea collection by drinking up some of these samples (it’s hard work indeed!) I tried out Mother’s Little Helper – an organic herbal tea from David’s Tea. 

Mother's Little Helper

Mother’s Little Helper

Obviously this is an incredibly PRETTY dry tea – with organic peppermint, lemongrass, rosehips, chamomile flowers, cornflowers, and valerian root.  It also has natural peppermint flavouring, though I found the scent of this tea was really much more lemony than minty; perhaps this is another good tea for my lemon-loving aunt! 

Mother's Little Helper

Mother’s Little Helper

Here’s the ‘tea’ steeping away in my Teavana Perfect Tea Maker. 

The tea is billed as a ‘relaxation’ tea – with “…organic valerian (aka “Nature’s Valium”) to take the edge off your 24/7 reality”.  I don’t know if I’d go that far, but it definitely is a very soothing, relaxing tea – and having no actual ‘tea’ in it means it’s also caffeine free, so it is a good tea before bed (with or without little ones to tuck in!). 

I really liked the blend of these flavours, though it didn’t seem like a unique enough tea to worm its way onto my ‘must buy’ list – I have other herbal teas that I’ll enjoy first before needing a refill.  (Unlike some of the other teas I’ve reviewed in the past which have been replaced even before I run out!)  I think that if you’re a big herbal-tea fan, this is an easy one to love… but if you are interested in bold or complex flavours, or use your tea as an energy and wake-up shot in the morning, you might want to skip this one – or just save it for those evenings when you are curling up in a window seat, watching the snow fall in the lamplight, reading a really good book while a cat purrs in your lap…

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