Tea: Orange Blossom

20 Apr

The dry scent of David’s Tea Orange Blossom rooibos when dry doesn’t give a great idea of the amount of flavour  awaiting you!  Steeped up, the tea smells juicy, and has an almost ‘orange-drink’ scent, and the taste is similar – juicy, but a bit of a fake orange taste.  The tea itself also tastes similar to a black tea with a dark, smoky flavour (and just a slight bitterness) rather than a bright, crisp taste. There is a lot of flavour in this tea though, and if you like fruit-flavoured teas, you might really like this one.

Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom

The colour of the tea is dark, and almost ruby-red.  This is a very pretty tea steeped up, and I added a bit of sweetener to bring out the juicy flavour of the orange.

The tea is described as a “subtly sweet rooibos blend” with orange peel, orange blossoms, currants, “kissed with vanilla bean creaminess”.  Other ingredients include marigold blossoms, safflower petals,  and artificial flavouring.  Perhaps it’s that artificial flavouring that gives the tea a slightly fake orange taste?

Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom

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