Tea: Oh Canada

16 Apr

David’s Tea’s Oh Canada Tea is pretty cute – in terms of look (with tiny multi-coloured maple-leaf shaped candies) and description, promising the “taste of Canada” (provided by the flavour of maple syrup).  However, the tea falls flat.

Oh Canada

Oh Canada

Dry, the tea just smells like an ordinary rooibos tea, and steeped up, it isn’t much different. The taste follows suit.  If it wasn’t for the little candies I wouldn’t know the difference between this tea and a plain rooibos based on flavor and scent alone.  I added sweetener to my tea, and although it tastes nice, there really isn’t a unique flavour to it, and I couldn’t taste the maple syrup at all.

The ingredients are South African red and green rooibos tea, honeybush, caramel bits, toffee bits, candies, along with natural and artificial flavouring.  The allergens are listed as dairy, soy, and tree nuts – so there are also other ingredients in those additions…

I ended up adding my own maple syrup to the tea on the second infusion which brought a bit of the flavour I was looking for. I don’t really recommend this tea if you are looking for a flavoured rooibos – and if you are just looking for a plain rooibos, you’ll probably want to skip all of the additions.

Oh Canada

Oh Canada

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