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04 Apr
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Have something to share?

I thought I’d add a quick post about guest blogging – although I’m the primary writer for Happy Sushi Belly with some great posts from Connie, I thought it would be fun to include some additional perspectives on sushi, tea, or just great food in general in the Calgary area.

If you are a writer with a blog focused on Calgary or Alberta in general (not necessarily food-specific) or a blogger from anywhere focused on food, cooking, or recipe-sharing, I’d like to invite you to consider guest blogging with us on Happy Sushi Belly!

How it works:

You write an unbiased article about a topic that would interest Happy Sushi Belly readers, and I’ll publish it along with an introduction of you, and your blog, with a link to your blog.

What you’ll get:

There’s no financial compensation here – what you’ll get is an extra tool to expose your blog, and maybe the chance to make a new fan! If you are also looking for guest bloggers, let me know, and maybe there is something I can write about for you too!

One caveat:

I’m not interested in sales pitches. If you just wrote a book of recipes, I’d love to have an article about a fantastic related recipe, but I’m not looking for you to write a (glowing!) review of your new book. If you own/work in a restaurant, I’d love an article about how to pour the perfect chai latte, but I’m not interested in an article specifically about your restaurant.

If you’re not a blogger?

No problem! If you would like to write an article, but don’t have a blog, I’d still be happy to hear from you. I can link to your website or Twitter feed (etc) instead if you prefer.


Photos make a good article even better! I’d love at least one clear photo to include in your article. I don’t publish huge photos, so a 600 pixel (on the largest side) at 72 dpi with your watermark is great.


Add a comment below, and I’ll get back to you!

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