Tea: Exotica

30 Mar

I didn’t read the ingredients of David’s Tea’s Exotica before opening the little sample package, so wasn’t sure what to expect from this herbal infusion.

Exotica tea

Exotica tea

Visually, there is loads of lemongrass in this tea, but the scent isn’t overly ‘lemony’ to me – there is definitely a citrus smell, but it isn’t overpowering. However, this might be another tea that my lemon-loving aunt might like! Along with the citrus scent, there is also something spicy and warm… although it isn’t a ‘ginger’ scent, it reminded me a lot of gingerbread – that same warm, spicy, cozy kind of smell. Adding to the visuals are tiny chunks of orange peel, a few cardamom pods (that’s where the gingerbread scent is coming I bet!) and lovely red peppercorns.

Also in this tea is: cloves, pineapple, coconut, and natural flavouring.

Steeping away, the tea smells very similar – there is the same warm spiciness, with just a little bit of a citrus scent. Plus it looks really pretty steeping away with all of the darkened lemongrass and bright flashes of red peppercorns and pieces of orange peel.

Exotica tea

Exotica tea

The tea is a lemon-yellow (sorry for the bad at-work-iPhone photo!) and the taste of the tea is exactly like what it smells like – a touch of lemon, but warm and spicy. Although the name made me think this would be a fruity tea, I could instead imagine having this on cold winter mornings, or better still, cold winter nights, because since it’s a herbal tea, there is no caffeine. This is definitely one of the samples that I’ll be replacing with a full-sized tin the next time I get into David’s Tea!

Exotica tea

Exotica tea

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