Tea: Green and Fruity

24 Mar

This Green and Fruity David’s tea came to me courtesy of a stash at work just like the Jumpy Monkey I reviewed earlier – so without one of my nice clear mugs, I’m afraid there aren’t any ‘steeped up’ photos to share as well. This red and green rooibos tea smells delicious dry – I would say that apple is the first thing I could smell, followed by the mango in the tea. Steeped up, the mango comes out more dominantly, but there is still a fruity apple smell there too. Along with the rooibos tea, apple, and mango, this tea also has papaya along with natural and artificial flavouring.

Sample of Green and Fruity

Sample of Green and Fruity

Onto the taste..

I had mine with a bit of sweetener – I almost always do (I love me some sweet!) but I also find that with a lot of fruit teas, that the sweetener really helps bring out the juiciness of the fruits. Oddly enough, the most dominant taste in this tea (oddly, but deliciously!) is the papaya. I can barely taste the mango, can’t taste the apple at all, and the normal slight smokiness that I usually associate with red rooibos is indistinct. Hot, this tea is delicious, but I can imagine it would be even better chilled. (But who can wait!?)

Green and Fruity

Green and Fruity

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