Tea: Lucious Watermelon

20 Mar

Another tea I tried a sample of recently was David’s Tea’s Lucious Watermelon. This is another caffeine-free fruit infusion, and the ingredients include apple, carrot, watermellon, wild strawberry leaves, honeydew, beetroot, and artificial flavoring.

When I smelled the dry tea, the artificial flavoring was obvious, even without reading the ingredient listing. This smells more like watermelon-flavored bubblegum that I used to chew on as a 8-year-old more than anything resembling what a real watermelon smells like. While steeping, the smell of the tea ‘leaves’ is familiar – sickly sweet and fake watermelon (with just a touch of apple scent too). I had been looking forward to the tea before opening the package, but once I smelled it I was a lot less excited. I don’t mind artificial flavoring, but this just reminded me too much of that sticky goo on the bottoms of chairs in elementary school…

Once steeped, the tea is a pretty pink (thanks to that beetroot) but my filter didn’t catch all of the fannings of the crushed up strawberry leaves – so a better (finer) filter would be in order to make this a pretty looking tea. (I had the tea at work, so sorry for the terrible iPhone photo…) The smell of the actual tea though is much less intense, and much less sickly-sweet.

Dry tea -  Watermelon

Dry tea – Watermelon

Finally… the taste!

The tea.. isn’t bad! It still has some of that ‘fake watermelon’ taste, but it’s not nearly as overwhelming as the scent. There is a bit of complexity to the tea which is nice, but the watermelon taste definitly comes out, seconded by the apple taste. Perhaps the carrot is noticable as well? It’s interesting.

I can’t say that I’d buy this tea for myself, but I bet it would be a hit with kids – and would possibly be fantastic as an iced tea in the summertime. If only I had more samples, I might do just that with this tea!

Have you tried Lucious Watermelon? What do you think? Is it better hot or iced? Let us know in the comments below.

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