Tea: Citron Oolong

18 Mar

The samples just keep coming!

I think perhaps I’m the only one in the office enjoying these little sample packets from David’s Tea – because each day there’s another for me to try!

This time around I was tired of herbals and fruit infusions (after a few less than thrilling results) so I picked up the citron oolong instead, and thought that would make a great change.

Immediately the scent made me think of my lemon-tea-loving Aunt Susan, though the smell is equally mixed between the bright citrus scent of lemons and the earthy rich scent of the oolong tea. It’s also extraordinarily pretty – with beautiful little jasmine flowers along with the oolong tea, organic lemon myrtle, and natural essential orange oils. Although you shouldn’t store tea in glass containers where light can get to it – I can totally see this as a counter-top tea, to show off how pretty it is!

Steeping up, the tea is a lot less pretty (as pictured below) and looks kind of like a pale yellow and green mush…. This tea also expands a lot – so if you steep it up at home, give it a lot of room to get the best flavour. When steeping, the oolong scent definitely takes over, and the bright citrus smell takes a backseat. I’ll admit – the smell of the tea while steeping didn’t appeal to me nearly as much as the dry tea.

Citron Oolong David's Tea

Citron Oolong David’s Tea

Finally, the taste…

The citron oolong is exceptionally well-balanced; there is still the distinct taste of lemon, but it isn’t overpowering. The taste of oolong is there too; just a little grassy, just a little smoky. The earthiness of the oolong and the jasmine is there too, just a touch of floral amongst the other flavours. It’s well-balanced enough that I think that you would like this tea if you like lemon/citrus teas – even if you don’t like oolongs. Likewise, I think if you like oolongs, but don’t always like fruit teas, I think you would still enjoy this tea.

What do you think? If you’ve tried citron oolong, leave us a comment below letting us know what you think!

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