Tea: Perfect Pear

10 Mar

Another new tea I tried (by sample) recenty was David’s Tea’s Perfect Pear. This tea contains apple, pear, rose blossoms (and by that they mean rose petals..) vanilla beans (and by that they apparently mean tiny black specks of what was, at one time, part of 1/10,000th of a vanilla bean), and natural flavoring.

Perfect Pear tea

Perfect Pear tea

This is a (perfectly) pleasant fruit infusion, but not particularly flavourful. It reminds me more of a watered down juice rather than a herbal/fruit tea. Just kind of boring really. There might not have been enough tea in the little sample package to give me the fruity, rich flavour that I was hoping for. I made a second infusion and let it steep a bit longer and added more sweetener, but it still just tasted like weak, watered down fruit juice.

Not much more to say about this one – there are far better fruit teas I’ve tried before (click the fruit tea tag to see some recent ones I’ve reviewed), and I wouldn’t pick this one up. I don’t have a steeped photo to share – the tea was as weak looking as it tasted, and didn’t make for a pretty shot…

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