Lagoon Grill

06 Mar

As much as I loved the Hilton Waikoloa on a recent trip to the big island of Hawaii, I’ll say that I didn’t love the Lagoon Grill. The service was fine, but the food was hugely overpriced, and not as advertised in the menu. The one redeeming feature was the free WiFi so I could check my twitter feed while I waited for service.
We took a seat with a view of both the dolphin pool (which leaves me conflicted…) and the ocean, and missed the item from the menu that I had enjoyed the last time that I was there. I overheard the server bringing a similar item to a nearby diner – so inquired – only to find out that it was an item from the child’s menu. I asked to see the child’s menu, but instead she just recited out four or five items (without prices or descriptions) so I passed and selected the Turkey Burger instead. (Along with a side salad.)

Lagoon Grill menu

Lagoon Grill menu

I had expected a bit.. more…

Burger and a salad - with an impressive view!

Burger and a salad – with an impressive view!

So, the “Fresh Island Sauce” is apparently mayonnaise and the chipotle aioli was no where to be found on the burger – neither were the pickles that were supposed to be included with the burger.  The brioche bun fell apart while I was trying to eat it (toasting it might have helped), and there was only one flavourless slice of tomato on the burger, but the turkey patty itself was fine. It looked a bit like a pre-made frozen patty though… pretty steep for nearly $14. That’s right… the $14 was JUST for the burger – no fries, no side pickle, no salad… nothing.  The side salad was an additional charge, and included lettuce, red cabbage, one slice of cucumber, and a few bits of grated carrot and beet.

Really not recommended – within a 10-15 minute walk is an ABC store with a good deli in the Queen’s Shops – I grabbed a turkey sandwich ($4.99), a mochi ($1.98) and a pop there the day before – better value for the money, and just as good – plus you can bring it back and get the same view.

Lagoon Grill
Waikoloa Village
Kamuela, HI 96743

Lagoon Grill @ Hilton Waikoloa on Urbanspoon

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