Sushi: Marra’s Way – Canmore

06 Feb

In December a friend and I were out in Banff and on the way back we stopped in Canmore for lunch. Our expectations were ready for Marra’s Way.

On our first visit we didn’t really understand that Marra’s Way was sort of a fast-food sushi place, and we didn’t really understand the system… but this time around we were better prepared.

Three Sisters from Marra's Way

Three Sisters from Marra’s Way

Close to the kitchen is a table with an assortment of different plates – you just get up and take what you want.  The first thing that I took was the Three Sisters plate – three different kinds of sushi.  Under the topping is a tempura shrimp and cucumber roll and the toppings include the Ahi Poke, salmon with onions (I picked them off) and shrimp salad.

I liked the variety of the toppings, but the roll itself was a bit dry for me.

Gyoza from Marra's Way

Gyoza from Marra’s Way

On the table near the front there wasn’t a lot that jumped out to us, so when the server came by, we placed an order instead/as well.  First we ordered a plate of gyoza to share, along with some of our favorite pieces.  The gyoza came quickly, but were terrible.  I had forgotten how terrible the gyoza are here…  They’re hard and tough and hard to eat.  I’d want to soak them in the dipping sauce if I could to soften them up a little bit – and even then they aren’t enjoyable. Just skip these…

Ikura from Marra's Way

Ikura from Marra’s Way

The next thing I ordered was one of my favorites – Ikura (salmon roe) This was pretty tasty, and well made up for the gyoza.

Chopped Scallop from Marra's Way

Chopped Scallop from Marra’s Way

Finally I had the really delicious chopped scallop.  It’s not as pretty as other places, but it was still really good.  I think the key here is to order off the menu as much as possible to get the freshest items.  This might also mean ordering things that aren’t already sitting on the table – because obviously if there’s something sitting there…that’s what you’ll get.

A much better experience with more realistic expectations at….

Marra’s Way Sushi 
637 10 St
Canmore, AB
(403) 609-0479
Marra's Way Sushi Ltd. on Urbanspoon

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