Sushi: Japanese Restaurant Miki

02 Feb

Back to Banff and the one all-you-can-eat sushi place in town!

A friend and I were in Banff in December, and it was sushi-mania! We stopped in at my favorite Sushi House Banff for lunch, then Miki for dinner, and on the way home the next day we were at Marra’s Way in Canmore too!

We weren’t really hungry at dinnertime after having gone to the Hot Springs, so instead of having the all-you-can-eat, we chose to select off the menu instead.  We split an order of Agadashi tofu, and then each had the assorted sashimi.

Agadashi tofu from Miki in Banff

Agadashi tofu from Miki in Banff

The tofu was quite good, although I did find it a bit drier than I like it from Momoyama.  Mind you, other than when I’ve made it myself, I’ve only ever had it at Momoyama, so maybe I’m biased! It makes me think I should pick up some tofu soon to make my own again though!

We were actually quite disappointed with the sashimi assortment – the pieces were very small and there was not a lot of selection.

Sashimi assortment from Miki in Banff

Sashimi assortment from Miki in Banff

There were two small pieces of each of 6 different types, and we basically just felt that it was pretty limited. We would have had far better value getting the all-you-can-eat probably. The presentation was also pretty boring. Boo. With that being said, the salmon and tuna were both really good, and I think that the selection at the bottom was bonito, which isn’t normally on most of these assortment plates, so that was interesting.

Japanese Restaurant Miki
at the Inns of Banff Hotel
600 Banff Avenue
PO Box 1077
Banff, AB T1L 1H8
Phone: (403) 762-0600
Fax: (403) 762-4482

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