Sushi: Sushi Boat in Crowfoot

10 Jan

Last April, Connie and I visited Crowfoot shopping area and popped into Sushi Boat for some conveyor-belt-style sushi.  In January of this new year, I went there again, this time with a non-sushi-loving friend.

Sushi Boat in Crowfoot

Sushi Boat in Crowfoot

We went at dinner time on a Monday, and were seated in a booth almost right away.  The restaurant was noisy, but not so much that we were impaired from our conversation.  I was mildly disappointed with the selection though – some boats were full to the brim (mostly of things I wasn’t interested in) while other boats were completely empty.  We were disappointed that there wasn’t a menu near the entrance to preview the selection – mostly because my companion (dumplings) loves gyoza and they didn’t have any. Yam tempura and shrimp tempura were also on the menu, but she didn’t feel like that.  Instead she stuck with an order of (cold) edaname (we both prefer it hot), a few crab sushi pieces, and a shrimp tempura and cucumber roll (which unfortunately had cayenne pepper on the outside so was less enjoyable than it might have otherwise been.

For my meal, I had a few pieces of my favorite chopped scallop (a little too much mayo like last time, but otherwise ok) tobiko (overflowing with eggs), tuna (bland and not as fresh and tender as I would have liked), and scallop (which I’m pretty sure made me sick that night.. but was nice and sweet).

The price of unagi has gone up considerably, according to the frequent and large signs throughout Sushi Boat, but that isn’t something I enjoy anyways, but either other pricing has changed or chefs were making mistakes in the plating because what should have come on a red plate (one price) came on a green plate (a lower price).  I wasn’t going to argue though.  Our final bill for the two of us came to just over 25$ which I thought was fair – the food isn’t exceptional but it is alright, the service isn’t great, but it’s fine (we were seated quickly and our water delivered and topped up promptly – but I don’t expect a lot of service other than that at a boat-style sushi place), and the selection is somewhat varied but not extraordinary.

Overall, I still would prefer to order freshly made items from the menu, and wouldn’t consider this one of the better conveyor-belt sushi places I have been to, but it’s perfectly acceptable for a quick sushi fix between running errands or shopping in the area.

Sushi Boat
806 Crowfoot Cres NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 239-1818

Sushi Boat in Crowfot

Sushi Boat in Crowfot

Sushi Boat on Urbanspoon


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3 responses to “Sushi: Sushi Boat in Crowfoot

  1. Tasha

    August 5, 2013 at 6:04 pm

    Hey, I just came across your blog and I live in Calgary NW as well. Just so you know, that Sushi Boat has a menu. You may ask one of the servers for an “order sheet” and you can check off whatever and they make it fresh for you. So you may want to give it another shot 🙂 Now that I see your posts, I am actually considering in making my own “Calgary Food Blog” myself :DD thanks for the inspiration.

    • Dawn

      August 7, 2013 at 8:07 pm

      Hi Tasha,
      I’ve never used the order sheet there – so thanks for the tip! I actually meant that it would have been nice to have the menu outside – the way a lot of places do – so you can preview the options before going in. Sometimes if a place doesn’t have something, we’ll skip it and go somewhere else instead… (or check out the prices for that matter too….)
      If you do make a blog, let us know about it!


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