Sushi Club K’z

10 Dec

I have read a number of good comments about Sushi Club K’z (or just Sushi Club) online (mostly on UrbanSpoon) and when Connie suggested that she, Shannon, and I check it out in November, I was actually really looking forward to it. It’s one of those locations that is never really where I’m at – just far away from my normal routes to be out of mind, and not good enough parking to make a plan to go there usually – when there are so many other places with better parking.

My overall impression was that all of the good reviews online about Sushi Club are exagerated – Sushi Club is good, but not exceptional.

We made a reservation for 6pm, and got there early at about 5:45 and got right in – we were only the second table to fill when we got there, though by the time we left the place was full. (No one was waiting for our seat, but I don’t think there were many (if any) empty tables either.)  Shannon ordered tea while Connie and I both stuck with water.  The glasses were tiny, but our server came back frequently to top them up throughout our meal.

Quick iPhone photo of Sushi Club’s interior

We went there on a Sunday night, and were told that their freshest fish of the night was tuna – but I was much more interested in some of the unique rolls they offered. We looked at the menu and were a bit overwhelmed – between the long lists of ingredients in each roll and the distracting menu background (along with much chatter at our table) it was hard to pick something.

The special roll menu at Sushi Club

One thing we noted, was that almost all of the special rolls either had Unagi (eel) or tempura in them. Neither are favorites of mine (I love yam tempura, but that’s about it….) which made it harder still to order.

I settled on the Midori Dragonfly, while Connie had the Suteki Roll.  We both added our favorites (mackerel, scallop, and tuna for Connie, Salmon roe and chopped scallops for me) while Shannon stuck to three simple rolls – an avocado roll, the spicy crunchy roll, and a California roll (I think) along with a bowl of miso soup. The menu did note that additional ginger was extra, so we were pretty disapointed when only a tiny container of ginger came for the three of us to share.  Shannon, (who puts a piece of ginger on each of her pieces of sushi) ordered another bowl of ginger – one small cup wasn’t going to be enough for her alone – let alone the three of us!

Sushi Club’s Midori Dragonfly

I started off with the Midori Dragonfly which has Unagi (eel), Flying fish roe, wasabi tobiko, and green tea powder. It is topped with incredibly finely sliced avocado, and wassabi tobiko.  The roll was very crunchy (because of all the fish eggs, which I liked) but very dry. (I presume because of the green tea powder).  I found it vaguely fishy because of the eel – which isn’t a favorite.  It was unique and interesting, but not something I think I’d order again.

Suteki Roll

Connie’s Suteki roll was a little bit better (I had one of hers and she had one of mine) with smoked steelhead, smoked black cod, asparagus, flying fish roe, cream cheese, mayonaise, prosciutto, mango, avocado and black and white balsamico. I found that the prosciutto was the strongest flavour, followed by the smokey taste f the fish and finally the cream cheese flavour.  I liked this better than my own – but I think that I would get tired of it after a while – maybe a nice roll to share, but not one I’d want on my own.

The rest of our sushi from Sushi Club (what a strange angle too!)

I also tried a piece of Shannon’s spicy crunchy roll.  This includes corn flakes of all things – which I found had become too soggy with the moisture in either the rice or the sauce to really be crunchy – and I found the spicy sauce just too spicy to enjoy. However, I’m not normally a big fan of spicy sushi (with a few exceptions), so it’s not surprising that I wasn’t thrilled with it.

Have you been to Sushi Club? What do you think? Let us know what you like best in the comments below!

Sushi Club K’z
(403) 283-4100
1240 Kensington Rd NW
Calgary, AB T2N 4X7

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  1. Dawn

    January 22, 2014 at 7:30 pm

    Just a bit of an update – I read on another sushi/food blogger’s site that Sushi Club KZ closed in October 2013. Take a read here: to get the scoop. If you know anything more about the closure of this place, leave a comment below!


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