Brunch at Big Fish

04 Dec

A few weeks ago Connie and I headed out to an art show, and deviated from our normal sushi pattern to go and have oysters at Big Fish instead.

Since it was still early in the day, they were serving brunch, and I was disappointed because their fabulous Soba noodle salad (“grilled chilli glazed prawns on soba noodle salad with lime and miso dressing”) wasn’t on the menu. I had dreamed of this salad the night before (literally – I dreamed about salad…) and was disappointed, but asked the server, and he said he would check – and yippee, they could make it up for me!

Soba noodle salad (the noodles are hidden)

Connie stuck with the actual menu (what is up with me and ordering things that aren’t on the menu?) and had Eggs Benedict (which I’ll let her chat about…) and when the meal itself was over, we decreed that there was indeed room in our stomachs for what we had really come for – raw oysters!

But first Connie’s eggs

We each ordered a half-dozen, three Angel Beach oysters and three (erk.. I forgot the name!) other oysters for me, while Connie had three Angel Beach and three others as well (but different from mine.)  Delicious! I liked mine best with the Ponzu sauce or just plain lemon! Yum!

Yummy raw oysters

Dear readers – got any other oyster places we should check out? Looking for a mix of good service, great quality, and decent prices…

Big Fish Dockside
(403) 277-3403
1112 Edmonton Trail NE
Calgary, AB T2E 0Z2
Big Fish Dockside on Urbanspoon

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