Sushi: Hanami

04 Nov

A while back a friend and I went for a nice long walk around the Glenmore Reservoir area, and celebrated our good walk with sushi dinner! (I figure sushi dinner is always appropriate way to celebrate anything – from birthday to a good hair day.) Our first choice was Momoyama – but since it was almost 10pm when we finally got around to thinking about food – they were disappointingly closed.

Instead we popped into the nearby Sushi Hanami, and were one of the last ones in the restaurant for the night.

Having dinner at Sushi Hanami

First up, a roll off their specialty roll menu; a 1/2 cooked roll – filled with smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado, it is topped with raw salmon, and then quickly seared on one side, and topped with unagi sauce and a dot of mayo.  This was fabulous! I’ll admit I kind of got tired of the taste near the end – it would have been better to have been brought out with other things, or shared with my friend (who had her own roll to contend with).  The roll was also quite large – challenging to eat in one bite – but we were up to the challenge!  Wouldn’t you know though –  I don’t remember the NAME of the roll (nor could I find it on my old photo of the menu – so it must be a newer addition…?)

Having dinner at Sushi Hanami

Next came our “dessert sushi” – a wee bit early – but still fantastic.  She had Saba (Mackerel) while I stuck with my chopped scallop.  I have this here often, and it’s almost totally perfect.

Oh, and if our ‘we’ve-been-friends-too-long’-ness isn’t enough – yep, we have matching purses.  (Not on purpose though!)

Having dinner at Sushi Hanami

Next up, we both ordered a dish or tuna sashimi which they brought together.  I had been so hungry when we arrived, but my eyes were bigger than my stomach, and I didn’t even touch my sashimi – instead taking it home for breakfast the next morning.  (There’s nothing wrong with sashimi for breakfast, right? In my defense, it was a weekend and my breakfast was at 11am..or something like that).  My friend did say that it was awesome though – and even the next day it was pretty darn good.

Having dinner at Sushi Hanami

Next up – the Volcano Roll.  This is a California roll topped with spicy scallop (with onion) and baked in a tiny foil tray.  I’ve had this before, and was in the mood for it – but I wasn’t as happy with it as I had been with the other roll.  The scallop was just a bit too spicy for me, and lacked the creaminess that I think I was more in the mood for.  You know those moments when you know what you are getting but still aren’t totally happy….

Having dinner at Sushi Hanami

My friend ordered another specialty roll (the name of which I’ve also forgotten!), and I took a (terrible!) photo of it too – this was really delicious as well (of course we traded one of my roll pieces for one of hers!) and I think I might order it the next time I am there, even though  it didn’t appeal to me on the menu.  It has cucumber and seared tuna, topped with mango and tuna, and finally “glittering” eggs. (A bit of an inside joke about the eggs on top.)

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve been to Sushi Hanami by far click the Hanami tag below for all the rest!

Sushi Hanami
#17, 4604 – 37th St. SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 242-3131

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